Travel Tips for the Rookie Traveller


- Check in online 24 hours before your flight

- Arrive to the airport early! The timing of your arrival depends on your travel destination. Do research before you leave.

- Try to only bring a carry on if possible.

- Keep your carry on liquids under 100ML.

- Make sure you don't have any water left in your water bottle before you go through security.

- Don't bring any aerosol cans in your carry on.

- Separate your electronics in your carry on before security to make it quicker.

- Wear comfy shoes that you can easily take off.

- Bring some warm clothes for the plane. Also bring a travel pillow! I know I didn't mention that in the video but it is a great idea, especially for longer flights.

- Look up the transit system from the airport of your arrival destination, especially if you're arriving very late or early. Taxi's can be very expensive! If you arrive outside of transit times you can usually hire a shuttle or other transportation for cheaper.